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The al-Qirqisani Center for the Promotion of Karaite Studies has, to date, released the following publications:

  • Kitabu ’l-Anwar wa-’l-Maraqib, Ya‘aqov al-Qirqisani, Re-issue of the Nemoy Edition, Private issue (Paperback and CD).

  • Karaite Haggadah, Y. Yaron, ed., A. Qanaï trans. © 2000, Karaism.com, Gan-eiden press, San Francisco (out of print)

  • Angels and Fire, The Commentaries of Yefet Ben-‘Eli HaLewi on Daniel and Nahum, © 2000 Y. Yaron, ed, Karaism.com, Gan-eiden press, San Francisco, ISBN: 0-9700775-0-5

  • Sefer 'Es Hayyim, Aharon Ben-Eliyahu; Dr. M. Charner, trans. e-book 2001, Gan-eiden press, San Francisco.

  • The Karaite Primer, An introduction to the practice of Karaite Judaism, © 2001, Karaism.com, Gan-eiden press, San Francisco (out of print)

  • The Karaite Siddur - Shabbat, Y. Yaron, ed, G. Rubin trans. Private issue 2001, Gan-eiden press, San Francisco (out of print).

  • An Introduction to Karaite Judaism: History, Theology, Practice, and Custom, © 2003, Karaism.com, ISBN: 0-9700775-4-8 (hrdbk.)

  • Karaites Through the Traveler’s Eyes, a look at the history of the Crimean Karaites through the journals of Western European travelers, M. Kizilov; A. Qanaï & Y. Yaron, eds. © 2002, ISBN: 0-9700775-6-4

  • The Karaite Liturgy Sampler, recording with notes by Hakham Avraham Ben-Rahamiël Qanaï, © 2002, Karaite Jewish Congregation Orah Saddiqim, Albany, NY Soon to be Available.

Some Upcoming Releases:

  • Passover Haggadah, Illuminated Edition with English Translation, Hakham Avraham Ben-Rahamiël Qanaï, trans. and ed., © 2000 & 2003, Albany, NY. Soon to be Available

  • The Complete Karaite Siddur: I: Hol, II: Shabbat, III: Mo‘adim, IV: Yom HaKippurim, and V: Berakhot & Zemirot

  • An Anthology of Karaite Poetry, A. Qanaï, A. Eidlisz, eds, © 2002.

  • The Qirqisani Anthology, a collection of the writings of Ya‘aqov al-Qirqisani, Y. Yaron & A. Qanaï, eds, © 2002.

  • Karaite Judaism in the JQR, an Anthology, Y. Yaron & A. Qanaï, eds., © 2002.


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